Our Story

Uniscarf is born to ensure today's women could find great style of Scarves stoles and dupattas as per latest trends & season at affordable prices. 
Our mission is to be the most stylish Scarf and dupatta brand in the world.
Here you will find the nothing but the best Scarves, Stoles, Shawls and dupattas in
Pure Silk 
and various premium fabrics as per the season at great prices. 
Our blog will keep you updated about latest trends of Scarves and stoles, different stylish ways to wear Scarves and how a simple accessory can transform your entire look.   
You must be wondering how uniscarf started so heres our journey so far.
Welcome to Uniscarf, India's first Premium Scarf and Dupatta store.
Having worked in the corporate world for over ten years i always wanted to start something on my own. By being born in the family of clothing entrepreneurs, i was advised to be away from business due to risks involved and the experience of the family with business was very negative. 
I just could not resist the freedom of being my own boss, left a lucrative job in 2011 at American Express and started working with a startup to learn the basics of e commerce. 
After working for clothing startup freecultr and vcommission Masters of affiliate marketing for close to three years,  one day my wife was looking for decent scarf. We searched online and there were either very cheap ones or too expensive scarves. Upon further research we found that is something we wish to create pieces of wearable art.
The great advantage we had was the experience and knowledge of over 40 years from my Father Mr. VK Chugh who have been a third generation clothing enteprenaur. Under his guidance we started selling scarves from our flat to online only customers. When the first order came you cannot imagine the satisfaction of someone appreciating your work and paying for it. 
Thereafter there was no looking back.Fast forward to today we recently opened 
  • Our first physical store in new delhi. 
  • My wife left her job and joined uniscarf (Finally i can afford her) 
  • we continue to sell exclusively on our own e commerce website the one ur browsing now
  • Uniscarf is available at various standalone stores across india and abroad
  • Exported to over 25 countries across the globe.




We are just getting charged up and working on more exciting designs to keep you busy.


Thank you very much for visiting this page, let us know what you feel about our website products or a simple hello, you can reach me anytime by using below email.


Saurabh Chugh