Welcome to Uniscarf, we create fashionable Scarves, Stoles & Duppatas to pep up your everyday dressing. Weather you are heading to office or to your cousins wedding, weekend gateway or a date, we have perfect match to compliment your attire. We believe just like humans every dress ethnic or modern has a soul mate, soul mate who would make the dress look & feel comfortable, beautiful and stylish.

Here at Uniscarf we help your dress find the perfect soul mate to complement each other. Weather you like to color match or a contrast, embroidered grace or a printed match, we got it all covered. So get your dresses out and find them their soul mate right here at Uniscarf.





From Silk Scarves to cotton ones, infinity loop to beach bandanas, Chanderi duppatas to maheshwari, Cotton  to silk, we have covered everything under the sun in our niche.

Since 2014 we have been delighting our customer's by our mesmerizing collection and making what we our best at.

We have not made thousands of design since we believe in quality and not quantity.  So whatever the occasion is going out on a mall trip, Date, picnic, office or an engagement, we have an accessory to style every mood & occasion.  

Get in touch we would love to hear from you feedback/business collaboration or a simple Hello :-)